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Little Millet Noodles 180g

Method of preparation Ingredients 
1. capsicum green, yellow, red half each
2. Cabbage small piece
3. Big onion 1
4. Carrot 2
5. spring onion
6. spring onion
7. Garlic small cut - 1 hand full
8. chilly sauce
9. soya sauce
10. noodles
11. olive oil
12. salt
13. pepper powder

Method of preparation
Boil water in a vessel, put salt and one spoon oil to boiling water and cook noodles for 5 minutes
Drain the water and pour cold water to the cooked noodles and drain it

Take a pan heat oil in the pan and put ingredients 2- 7 mix for 1 min on high flame. Add salt also

Then put ingredient 1 and mix

Then put one table spoon soya sauce and chilly sauce and one tsp pepper powder and mix well,

Then finally put the cooked noodles and mix. Serve hot

We can add cooked chicken and egg also to improve the taste.
Rs. 138.00