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About us

About Cappacale

Cappacale is a spices processing unit in Kerala, formed from the enduring efforts of inspiring women. We are determined to reflect rippling changes in the food habits of the modern world. We have learnt the relevance of bringing good quality raw materials to your households to create healthy foods. The scarcity of such high-quality condiments motivated us to join a local partnership with our farmers. That's what Cappacale is all about!

Our ambitious initiative concentrates on providing fresh-from-farm spices, which will be processed naturally in front of your eyes. Our team focuses on comprising nothing at all for quality. So, join us at our Cappacale outlets to lead a healthy food revolution!

Our Mission

Cappacale is a brainchild of 4 women entrepreneurs who wanted to reignite a healthy lifestyle in this fast-forward world. Health begins from the food choices that you make, which start from your household. Unsuitable food processing standards have degraded food quality.

Our objective is to generate a healthy lifestyle rather than a fast-forward one. We don’t focus on increasing the shelf life of our products. Instead, we are determined to make an impact on your eating habits by providing fresh spices and condiments that are processed safely. Our mission is to offer spices without adulteration or refining, preserving their natural flavour and benefits!

  • 1Healthy & Natural Ingredients
  • 2Quality At Affordable Prices
  • 3Sourced With Sustainability
  • 4Carcinogen-Free Food Products

Why Do You Need Fresh Spices ?

Remember, those years when we used farm-grown raw materials and processed them at homes, using stone mills! Our health was secure and safe back when our spices were rich with nutrients, devoid of unnecessary carcinogens or pesticides. Cappacale was the effort to revive those good days.

Industrial milling has degraded the food quality enough and more. Though available at cheaper costs, it does pose a risky threat to our nutrition and health. But, why bet on our healths when we have safer & better options to choose from! Cappacale collects farm fresh raw materials and stores them at our stores. Spices are sourced from local farmers who provide great quality assurance.

Going Sustainable With Zero - Wastage !

As a part of implementing sustainability at Cappacale, our stores hold a zero-wastage policy. Our mills work on the basic principles of recycling and reducing waste materials. We have a 2-sided mechanism - the biodegradable waste from mills is contributed to the maintenance of nearby cattle farms. And, another chunk of waste goes towards composting bins. Non-perishable wastes from packaging are recycled for future use. Well, that’s a win-win for all!

Our Team