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What We Do

A Legacy of Spice Industry Leadership

While food trends have travelled worldwide and brought diverse flavors to our taste buds, consumerism has also hit the world hard. At Cappacale, our focus lies on sourcing spices locally in a sustainable manner. Our local partnership is our backbone in building fresh inventory whenever you’re in need of naturally processed spices.

We collect natural and quality-assured spices from local cultivators and store at our outlets. However, we barely focus on storing them forever; we don’t aim to accelerate the shelf life of goods. Instead, we want them fresh and natural for you. Visit our stores, based on our demand an dlet our team process the required products right in front of you. Our services are offered with great care and utmost hygeine.


In the case of spices, oils, and spice blends, an elaborate manufacturing takes place before the final products reach you. The methods and procedures at Cappacale are simple and forward-directed. Our manufacturing involves hygiene and demands experienced hands to assure quality. Right from the collection of raw materials to delivering the products to you, our staff gives prime importance to maintaining a quality-certified process throughout.

After collecting materials from certified farmers, an elaborate carbon dioxide treatment is applied at the collection points. Then, the enhanced expertise is utilized to sort and grade all the materials into different categories.

No contamination will interfere with the sorting process because our team comprises experts who are highly skilled in this regard. Later on, based on the customer demand, the materials are repacked and brought to the delivery centers to be processed further. Hence, all our products adhere to the standard norms and are fresh & pure. We wish to offer complete transparency in our procedures even during the step of processing. This is why we propose you to come forward and witness the quality that we offer at Cappacale centers. You can observe how unique and foolproof our manufacturing process is and be relieved of taking home quality-oriented products.

However, if you are concerned about going out and worried about your safety, we have a solution for that as well. We have delivery executives who will be available to bring you the products that you require. Thus, Cappacale is your one-stop destination for spices, cereals, and other products.

Our Services and Capabilities Include

  • Cleaning
  • Custom Blending
  • Milling
  • Bulk/Industrial Pack
  • Blending
  • Food Service Pack
  • Blend Development
  • Custom Packaging
  • Blend Formulation
  • Private Label


From development and formulation of your seasoning concept to tasting in our state-of-the-art lab and test kitchen, to scaling up for production, we will work with you to make it happen. We have an exclusive research and development kitchen that is staffed with flavor experts creating the perfect flavor, just for you. We also have a full library of our proprietary seasoning blends readily available for use or inspiration.We want to provide you with the best seasoning and condiments at Cappacale. Our stores are equipped to deliver top-notch blending formulation and development services. You are welcome to try-and-test sessions at our kitchen and state-of-the-art lab that are well-facilitated. Our R&D wing owns the best flavour experts. They are happy to assist you in bringing out the perfect blend and buckle up the production processes as per your demands. Besides, visit our exclusive spice library with seasonings, available for testing or use.

Food Service and Retail Packaging

Team Cappacale is absolutely dedicated to completing your orders until the final delivery stage. Your orders will be packaged in jars, bags, or boxes, according to your requirements. We own a wholesale packaging option as well, for any kind of bulk-sized or industrial-use orders. Our staff is well-versed in accommodating your needs and makes your orders perfectly tailored for your purposes. Explore a range of customised packaging solutions from Cappacale for your specific orders.

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